Concept | Date With The Night



Rock 'n' roll has finally worked its way back to Belgian dance floors and Date With The Night has a five year history of proving it. Since 2009 students in Ghent have had a monthly date with rock ‘n’ roll classics and fresh indie knockouts. Starting out in cosy venues in Oudenaarde, DWTN soon found it's place at Sioux, where a rampageous crowd of 500 students puts the place on fire every month. 

Every year a new load of fresh students is convinced by the tested and approved blend of rock 'n' roll classics, beers and singing along. With music ranging from The Beatles to Arctic Monkeys, The Supremes to Amy Winehouse, Date With The Night is synonymous with a top notch night out, becoming a household name in the Ghent nightlife.

Skipping between Sioux and Vooruit in Ghent and Harmonie in Oudenaarde, the DWTN bandwagon is picking up followers wherever it passes by.

The best Belgian and English indie and rock 'n' roll DJ's, a new promising Belgian band, completed with the best crowd in town. It's as simple as that.

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